Looking for Garage Doors, Automated Gates or Access Control in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire?

A little about the Garage Door & Gate Company

Our business is long established and was setup back in 2001 by me Simon Spencer, formerly of Oxley Doors. After several years of experience I decided to take the plunge and setup my own company as I saw an opportunity to be able to work for myself whilst also offering employment in the Hull, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire & Lincolnshire areas.

From the very beginning I set out to do things differently and the very fact we are still here having faced very tough times in the economy like most businesses stands testament to the fact that we do a quality job and exceed customer expectations.

What we do…

As mentioned on our home page we offer a comprehensive range of services but ultimately these are all geared towards helping customers improve the appearance of their homes and businesses and create fantastic kerb appeal to everyone around.

Our business can really help transform your premises whilst at the same time giving you more peace of mind when it comes to your security too. Unfortunately in this day and age there’s always someone that would not think twice about causing damage to property and distress to other people’s lives. Our priority is to help you make life more difficult for any would be thief or burglar whilst at the same time giving you a Garage Door, Gates or Access Control that you can be proud of.

How we do it…

We offer a FREE SURVEY to all customers to ensure that they are advised properly for the type of installation they require. We consider such things as your style preferences, design ideas if you have them, take a look over our past work and any pictures you may also have found and also consider how you want your Gates or Garage Doors to operate – be it Automatically or Manually.

There are further considerations that we discuss with customers such as any Access Controls you require, how you would like your new product to open and close, is it a high traffic area, is there a power source nearby as well as other important considerations.

Based on the information gathered from our site visit, a detailed quotation is then prepared for all of the work involved with the project. This will break down the cost for materials, time and labour. If you choose to proceed with us then we will confirm a convenient installation date and inform you of the time it will take to install the product(s) you have chosen.

Why do we do it?

Put simply – we love what we do. Come hail or shine we hit the roads daily knowing that every day will be different from the last and that from time to time there is a challenge just waiting for us to deal with it. That is what makes us tick!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“Our reputation for quality and excellence means everything to me – that is what our customers expect – and that is what we provide. Quality, without compromise!

Simon Spencer, Owner.